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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

We've been busy at Cerberus!

Hello again! We've been very busy at Cerberus in the last month. Take a look below for what we've been up to:

Firstly at the end of May 2010, we all travelled to Boston for the annual International Trademark Associations (INTA) conference where we met many of our client clients within the trademark industry. INTA is a great opportunity for Cerberus to meet with its international client base and thank you to all those who took the time to meet with us.

Secondly, for the past few months Cameron Gowlett has been involved with the production of a new TV pilot which will hopefully make it to TV screens later this year. More updates on this shortly as at the moment it is top secret!

Thirdly, following his filming, Cameron travelled to Istanbul in Turkey to work with Cerberus's office in Turkey which recently launched its website! Cameron is busy having meetings in Turkey with law firms to hopefully change the opinion of investigators in the country – Cerberus will offer fast, thorough and commercially-minded investigations for Intellectual Property related issues such as trademarks, counterfeits and domain names.

Finally, we have also been making a great number of sales through our new Spy Shop – Spyonyou.co.uk! We've found that the SpyCobra is the most popular product – a keylogger which records keystrokes, website addresses and even takes screenshots of what is being shown on the screen during its monitoring.

We've also reduced the price of our KeeLog USB keyloggers to £39.99. The KeeLog is an amazing piece of computer surveillance technology, undetectable from the computer operation – it plugs in between the keyboard and the computer and can record up to 2 million keystrokes. Take a look below for how its used! Grab one now or miss a bargain.

Watch this space for some road testing videos of the spy equipment we have on sale...