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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Spam Emails - MYSERY COUPON? Quite right!

We’ve all recieved them, just how many often depends on the commonality of your name (and surname) and importantly whether your name is out there in the Internet ether. Spam emails are indiscriminate – its estimated that 90% of all emails sent are spam - sent on the hope that a few unlucky people might take the bait, but there are ways (alongside the sometimes helpful Junk Filters) to reduce the deluge ending up in your Inbox.

We recently received the following email offering a MYSERY COUPON which is quite apt for a spam email. It made us laugh, especially being received by us working in the anti-counterfeiting industry!

However, this serves as a good example to those who may be interested in applying for that job, buying fake drugs or clothes, or requests for assistance by the King Sultan of the Bank of CEO West Chestershire to help him shift his recent inheritance of $100,000,000,000. All spam emails are to be avoided at all costs.

So, what to do about Spam emails?

- If you’ve received what looks like a Spam email try to avoid opening the email and clicking on any links in the message and do not open any attachments such as .jpg or .zip files.

- Don’t reply to or buy anything from a spam email. If you don't recognise the sender (especially if you don't bank with them or send via DHL) delete it or mark it as spam.

- Avoid posting your email address online, on forums, on website pages and even on Facebook and other social networking sites. ‘Spambots’ regularly trawl the net looking for email addresses to add to their databases.

- If you do need to post your email, trick the ‘spambots’ by breaking up your email address so it can be understood by a human and not a computer, for instance info (at) cerberusip (dot) com.

By following the above tips, you'll reduce the chances of your email being detected as active and thus being sent even more spam. Spam filters are getting more effective, but are not fool proof. You may still receive spam in your inbox and genuine emails in your junk folder so it’s best to actively manage these by specifying what are safe email addresses and those that are junk when this occurs.

If your business is being affected by rouge spammers using your IP, get in touch with us today and find out what can be done.
Safe emailing!

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